Your Gear Doesn’t Matter

I am not quite inspired enough to discuss gear in full.

Although I’ve tried it to some mild success..

A 40-minute video is not what I had in mind..

To some extent, gear can become integral to producing quality photographs, whether for your job producing 1,000 megapixel billboard images or some 365 photo project where you’re posting them on Instagram.

However, does it really matter in the end?

The images I take with my Canon Rebel T3 versus my EOS 80D look almost identical at a glance. Pixel-peeping could prove otherwise but the regular phototaker may not notice nor care.

One of my favorite images is from May 2019 of this waterfall at a local state park. The entire hour and a half session of me working this beautiful landscape was done entirely with my first camera, the Rebel T3. At the time I was concerned at the quality however didn’t bother with switching the wide angle lens to my technically speaking “better” camera body.

I was losing a number of megapixels with this decision, as the 80D is 24MP while the Rebel T3 is 12MP.

At the risk of sounding crass, these are just numbers to me.

Gear only makes sense when it can truly improve the quality of the photos you take.

I simply wouldn’t take a waterfall long exposure like the one above nowadays if I didn’t have a polarizer filter, which I also used to take that image above.

To me, a filter like that is essential to my longer exposure work and it only made sense upgrading from cheap and hazy Vivitar CPL and ND filters to much better Hoya equivalents (sorry Vivitar.)

Upgrade when it is financially and reasonably sound, but understand that this new hardware will not improve your composition or vision.

Until then, use what you have, use what you know.

What are your opinions on camera gear? Do you love to talk about it or shirk the thought of it in conversation? Drop me a line down below. Thanks for reading.

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Published by Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor is a 26 year old photographer located in Beavercreek Ohio, United States. Specializing in wildlife and landscapes both big and small, Ryan has sought to capture many different natural locations throughout the Buckeye State and beyond.

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