Alone Together: Photography of the Pandemic

Holding on while letting go, this was outdoor photography truly in isolation.

I look ahead to what the future may hold, and where my photography career will too.

It’s name needs no introduction, we were all somewhere that ill-fated early Spring of 2020.

The volume of my work took on a slightly edgier form of expression at this time, complete with dis-ease and the unsettling fact that everything I thought I knew about the future was not what it seemed.

One of my photos landed in the local newspaper amongst other imagery taken during the quarantine.

Like most people, I did not prepare for a global pandemic to occur. I thought the year was solidly planned out and my only task was to execute on those terms. Easy enough I thought..

A crisp early spring day and an entire former golf club property-turned mitigation bank is for me to photograph the wildlife in.

Instead of attending many social gatherings to network with other artists and having a booth at festivals, I was left with the singular act of what I am here for: photographing.

There was this troubling thought that what I was working on had lost some meaning. Will my photos matter or will any of us survive?

In fact, I recorded an episode of my podcast about this very topic.

With the spare time I had due to the cancellation of most festivals and the closing initially of galleries, I also wrapped up my ‘On Location’ video series during the stay-at-home order despite most people choosing to hike while shops and their workplaces were closed.

Starting with this video until the end, these were episodes recorded during lockdown times.

The dozen or so episodes were recorded during this time as I made headway on nearing the end of that longterm project.

The world was changing very fast and so my view of the world both before my eyes and the lens followed suit. Nature provided that necessary and temporary respite from current events and the news.

During this time, I truly learned how attuned my eye was to seeing like a lens would. No matter where I went, my vision was that of a photographer’s. As one can imagine this is equally as thrilling as it was maddening.

How did/has the pandemic affect(ed) your life and/or photography? Leave a comment down below and stay tuned for the next post.

The ‘All Outdoors Photography Podcast” is a show where we discuss stories from out in the field, techniques and gear with two other midwest outdoor photographers and yours truly.

Available in video form on YouTube and audio on Spotify, Google Podcasts and all your other favorite podcast apps.

Autumn & Fall Photography All Outdoors Photography Podcast

In today’s episode, Henry and Ryan talk about one of the most photogenic seasons there is for outdoor photography; Autumn! Patreon Link About the Show: Welcome to the All-Outdoors Photography Podcast! This podcast is about all things nature photography, including landscapes, wildlife, macro, and more. The show features two talented photographers Henry Doyle and Ryan Taylor who both bring their different and unique photography experiences to the podcast. Episodes are released weekly every Tuesday at 1pm EST. Follow the Show: Email Us: Linktree (Links to all Podcast Platforms) – Instagram- YouTube- Follow the Hosts: Henry Doyle Instagram- YouTube- Ryan Taylor Website- Blog- Instagram- YouTube- #AOPP #AllOutdoors #PhotographyPodcast
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Published by Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor is a 25 year old photographer located in Beavercreek Ohio, United States. Specializing in wildlife and landscapes both big and small, Ryan has sought to capture many different natural locations throughout the Buckeye State and beyond.

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