The Photographic Print

A photography print is forever.

Encapsulated in its mat and frame, sealed shut and built to last.

The heart and soul of the photographer poured into crafting the image and what it may mean to them too.

Purchasing a specific piece from someone is like an invitation into their world.

The ephemeral nature of social media may bog down the budding creator, but it is never indicative of one’s own profession or skill.

Never should you judge your own artistic worth based on what faceless followers and hidden critics may say.

Those that you meet face-to-face, the ones that will lay down some money for your work to be placed on their walls.

These are the people that should matter, whether it’s one or one hundred.

They are buying into your vision, your artistry, your experience.

So why not deliver them an unforgettable experience?

Photographers or art buyers, what makes you want to create or buy a certain framed photographic print? Is it something you’d like to share or what you want to enliven your office space?

Leave a comment or email me your response, I look forward to reading and sharing them!

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The ‘All Outdoors Photography Podcast” is a show where we discuss stories from out in the field, techniques and gear with two outdoor photographers and various guests.

Available in video form on YouTube and audio on Spotify, Google Podcasts and all your other favorite podcast apps. Follow us on Instagram as well for more interaction and updates!

Shining Light in the Woodland with Korey Hart All Outdoors Photography Podcast

  1. Shining Light in the Woodland with Korey Hart
  2. Recent Photography & Nature News
  3. Natural Ohio & Henry’s Webinar
  4. Mental Health, The Outdoors and You
  5. A Single Grain of Sand with Kelly Ingerson
  6. Journey into New Platforms and Media
  7. Traveling East Asia with Eleanor Moseman
  8. The Excitement & Passion for Wildlife with Kyle Owen
  9. Advanced Post Processing
  10. Post Processing & Editing

Published by Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor is a 25 year old photographer located in Beavercreek Ohio, United States. Specializing in wildlife and landscapes both big and small, Ryan has sought to capture many different natural locations throughout the Buckeye State and beyond.

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