Photo Contests / Camera Clubs

Calling all younger photographers! (Well, younger than me at 25)

Do you seek prestige and accolades?

Do you wish to connect with other likeminded photographers?

Do you wish to compete for the best image against a set of photo jurors?

Do you want to help and mentor others starting out?

All of these are valid reasons and can breathe new life into photography.

Some may enter the field to produce the most stunning images to share with the world.

Others may lead or host workshops to teach newcomers about their craft.

Where do you fall in this line? A bit of rhetorical question.. give it some time mull over.

The exchange of techniques can be invaluable and a great way to network and meet other shutterbugs in your area.

There are several local clubs and organizations including, Greater Dayton Photography Group, Tripod Camera Club and Focus Photo Club.

Each one of these groups brings a different bit of flair and zest to phototaking overall. Some groups focus more on the gear or print competitions, while others direct their attention towards helping educate their audience and community.

I was invited on a livestream with the very talented Jacob Delong and his community of followers.

Jacob’s Twitch Livestream Channel for those interested.

At the end of the day, go where your community lives, online and in-person and however you please.

Go where your photography takes you, and let it make the path clear!

Do younger photographers bother anymore about local camera clubs in the advent of social media? How important is a sense of belonging to you or is it not? Please chime in down below in the comments (or send me an Instagram message!)

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The ‘All Outdoors Photography Podcast” is a show where we discuss stories from out in the field, techniques and gear with two outdoor photographers and various guests.

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The Excitement & Passion for Wildlife with Kyle Owen All Outdoors Photography Podcast

In today’s episode, we have Kyle Owen on the show, a wildlife photographer from Ohio who has a passion for photographing birds, amphibians and all other mammals at his local parks and trails. We talk about the publics' perception of wildlife photographers, favorite photographic moments, and why what we do matters to nature and the planet. And then amusingly touch upon superstitious creatures and cryptics. Maybe someday we will find them. About the Show: Welcome to the All-Outdoors Photography Podcast! This podcast is about all things nature photography, including landscapes, wildlife, macro, and more. The show features two talented photographers Henry Doyle and Ryan Taylor who both bring their different and unique photography experiences to the podcast. Episodes are released weekly every Tuesday at 1pm EST. Follow the Show: Email Us: Linktree (Links to all Podcast Platforms) – Instagram- YouTube- Follow the Hosts: Henry Doyle Instagram- YouTube- Ryan Taylor Website- Blog-
  1. The Excitement & Passion for Wildlife with Kyle Owen
  2. Advanced Post Processing
  3. Post Processing & Editing
  4. Backyards: Right Outside Your Door!
  5. Teaching & Exploring with Chris Corradino
  6. Creative Projects & Photo Series
  7. The Early Days
  8. Zooming into Focal Length
  9. Seizing the Opportunity with Sarath Nathan
  10. Everything Hiking & Backpacking

Published by Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor is a 25 year old photographer located in Beavercreek Ohio, United States. Specializing in wildlife and landscapes both big and small, Ryan has sought to capture many different natural locations throughout the Buckeye State and beyond.

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