Going Underground at Ohio Caverns

I took a solo trip out to West Liberty, Ohio to see this highly-anticipated attraction.

First hearing about these caverns from a brochure, the year was 2016 and I was cycling around Cedarville when I heard of this location.

The subject matter left me intrigued, as it wasn’t quite “outdoor” photography nor was it truly “travel” photography. It was just simply photography for its own sake.

The experience overall just enthralled me upon stepping down into the 54 degrees cavern. You don’t even need to be silly like me and have a headlamp on, they have each “room” meticulously lit.

For photographers, let it be known that your DSLR’s and flashes are welcome here, however every visitor is delegated to tours that start around the clock seven days a week.

The backside of the tour ticket I was given mentioned that “all photographs are commercial property of Ohio Caverns.”

This is such a letdown and debatable considering it was a public place and images I’ve taken. However this did not dampen my experience as that’s the focus for this blog entry.

Tours last about an hour as the very humorous and knowledgeable workers lead the way, telling of the extensive history here.

These caverns were discovered by accident several centuries ago and were opened to the public almost immediately. It’s amazing to think that these caverns have been largely untouched in their pristine beauty.

This is the largest cavern system in Ohio with several parts stretching out as long as football fields. Like many locations I travel to, the photos do not do it justice; one has to see these old stalactites and stalagmites for themselves.

Do you prefer color of black & white? Each one carries a different weight, however B+W carries a much more spooky or haunting in my opinion.

Have you been to Ohio Caverns? What did you think, or are you now thinking of going? Photographer or travelers alike will be all over this location!

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Published by Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor is a 25 year old photographer located in Beavercreek Ohio, United States. Specializing in wildlife and landscapes both big and small, Ryan has sought to capture many different natural locations throughout the Buckeye State and beyond.

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